Tuesday, September 25, 2007

day 1 9/11/07

we created our gmail accounts
1. create your avatar name
2. create your password
3. follow the on screen instructions

day 2 9/14/07

today we made our blogs
1. go to create new blog
2. name your blog
3. follow the instructions then click create blog

day 3 9/18/07

today we learned how to change the settings
1. go to settings
2. pick what to change
3. change the settings you want changed

day 4 9/21/07

today Mr.Kelly showed us how to change templates and style
1. go to change template
2. select the template
3. go to 7th grade blog
4. high light from the words style to style
5. copy and then paste

day 5 it 9/25/07

today Mr.Kelly showed us how to make posts
1. go to new post.
2. give it a title
3. type the post
4. publish the post